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‘Advice to Players’

By Jonathan , Blathnaid and the Hunt NS team.

What’s on your plate, Determines your fate.

It’s important to heed, How you feed!

If you don’t go to bed, Your card will be red.

If you don’t watch your feet, You’ll have a defeat.

If you sleep in, You’ll be in the sin-bin.

If you do sloppy play,It won’t be your day.

If you say something bad, The ref won’t be glad.

If bad language you said, You will get a red!

If there’s junk in your bowl, And you shoot for a goal, You’ll probably kick wide, And end up on the side!

Do a good pass, It will show you’re class,

Find the man that’s free, And you’ll win, you’ll see.

You better watch out, Cos there might be a scout,

Try your best, Whatever the test. Soccer is great, You’ll have lots of mates,

Lose or win, It will keep you thin!!


I think Mohill Academy Soccer Club

Should use POSTERS  to advertise themselves in  various  venues in Mohill.

I suggest they use the following locations:

  • Mohill Sports Complex
  • The Cannon Donahue Hall
  • The  Astroturf at Mohill Community School
  • Mohill Library, Castle St. Mohill
  • Shops
  • Baxter’s   Centra,  Station Road, Mohill
  • Paul’s Newsagents, Main Street, Mohill
  • Logan’s Butchers, Hyde Street,  Mohill
  • Schools – Hunt N.S. Mohill Community  College. St. Manchans N.S.

Reporter: Sophie Hunt N.S.

A footballers diet!

We talked to two key players on Rynn Raiders.  This is what they said about their diet.

Before match:   raw eggs mixed with milk.

Regular breakfast: Cereal.

Drinks: Water & Lucozade Sport or Isotonic

Favorite Sweets: Randoms , Yorkie and Moro.

Fruit : mango , apple , pear , pineapple and oranges.

Favourite vegetables: raw carrots and peas.

This is a very healthy diet!

Healthy Food.

Bread , Pasta , Rice , Baked potatoes are rich in the type of carbs that you should eat.

Jaffa cakes, muffins and bananas will give you a quick boost!

Footballers Moto .

These footballers say .

“What’s in your bowl gets you a goal !”


Rynn  Raiders

Last Season’s Highlights

  • Two teams competed last season

Under 10’s

Under 12’s

  • Winners of the under 10 Cup  in 2010
  • Winners of the under 12 Cup in 2010 also!

Most exciting games :

Beat Melview in the Under 10 and Under 12 cups.

Players to Watch :

James,  Jordan,  Evan

Jonathan , Keith, Jack,


Training Details:

  • Location Marion College pitch
  • Once a week, on Saturday afternoon.

Reporter: Jonathan, 6th Class Hunt N.S.


I think Mohill Academy and Rynn raiders should use youtube to promote soccer in the area and to keep supporters up to date.

Youtube is an online site that lets people with accounts post videos. To get an account is free but there is an age limit. You can post videos of football matches and you can have a picture of the team in the background of your channel. You can also let players and supporters know about their coming matches.

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